Trail Trekking Pole - Pair by Leki Review

Trail Trekking Pole - Pair by Leki
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I have had my Leki Trail Treking poles about 1.5 weeks. I have used them on five different walks totaling about 20 miles. I covered just about every kind of trail surface. The carbide tips and mud baskets worked well with hard rock, gravel, mud, sand, swampy conditions, tree roots, downed logs, 8-10" tall rough grass, rock and log hopping across and down streams and plain mature forest litter. The poles felt secure and never slipped with my 200 pounds. They are light and easy to carry when not in use. I find them to be vastly superior to the heavier single wooden pole I have been using for many years. I e-mailed Leki to find out which is left and right and got a very prompt and friendly response. (white = L and black = R). I am very satisfied with my purchase and give them 5 stars.

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209857 Features: Get a hold of the Ergo Soft Grip handles with the auto straps that keep your wrists comfortable as you hike Adjust the pole heights to your comfort with the Leki Classic Adjustment System Soften each step with the Triple Spring Antishock System and Carbide Flextip that can handle a little wear and tear while the Ultra Sonic Finish keeps your pole in good form Switch out the baskets as needed with the Interchangeable Basket System Specifications: Weight: 194 ounces Material: 3-section aluminum Sections: 3 Sold as: pair

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