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84 Waxwood Staff
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I was pleasantly surprised. I took my lead from another reviewer and ordered two. Both were OK but one was clearly thicker and straighter than the other. The wood was still fresh enough to straighten (wax wood eh...) Also, the wood seems to have been collected correctly so there is no splitting at the branch nodes. All in all, I plan to order more.
Even though the thickness is as advertised and the straightness is acceptable, I had hoped that one of the two I ordered might be the equal of a pole I bought a long time ago from Brendan Lai. No such luck, hence four stars. Maybe next time.
FYI, 200 grit paper gives the poles a smooth sliding surface after a couple of dozen passes.

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Approximately 84'' in length. Our wax wood staff is light and flexible yet strong. The diameter of the staff varies due to the nature of the tree branch and tapered from one end to the other. The thickest bottom has a diameter of approximately 1'' to 1 1/2''. The wax wood staffs are directly imported from China.

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